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Covid-19: Medical Express now makes it safer to identify and take care of infected patients! More information.

Comprehensive digital solution that facilitates patient management and automates documentation.

Designed in cooperation with healthcare to provide added value for patients, carers and healthcare providers.

Support for all categories of staff, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists and medical secretaries.

Contributes to a modern and attractive workplace.

Patient safety

Medical Express provides practitioners with relevant medical information about each patient and direct access to advice in accordance with current guidelines. The system does not make its own decisions – rather, it makes it easier for healthcare staff to make the right decision.

The triage system finds patients in need of urgent intervention and supports staff in deciding who can safely be sent home and who needs to be monitored extra carefully.

Patient data is handled according to high security requirements in laws such as the Swedish Patient Data Act (PDL) and the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), as well as recognized industry standards.

Image showing the welcome screen in the Medical Express for the patient

For all patients

Image showing the list where the patient has the opportunity to choose a search cause in the Medical Express

Medical Express adapts to each patient's characteristics such as age, gender and disease history.

Intuitive and user-friendly system that supports multiple input languages, while providing the information to the healthcare staff in the local language.

The patient can choose to begin his or her healthcare journey from home or at the health center.

More time for the patient

Saves time for healthcare professionals so that more patients can receive care with existing resources.

Reduces redundant documentation between staff categories.

Gives patients faster access to care.

Image showing the care staff's view in the Medical Express

Data-driven planning

Image showing the statistics view in the Medical Express

Provides insight into patient flows and time use for organizational planning and resource allocation.

Provides high-resolution data for quality improvement at local, regional and national levels, as well as medical research.

What do users think?

What is Medical Express?

Patient survey

Median values ​​from an independent survey commissioned by Region Skåne with 123 respondents. Performed during two weeks at several health centers.

9 9 9 9 9 10 The digitalform waseasy to use I was able to provideinformation aboutmy health thatI wanted I got the helpI neededduring my visit In the event of similarinconvenience in thefuture, I would behappy to use the form I would like torecommend othersto use thedigital form I think that my visitwas improved withthe help of the form Max value 10


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Reduces administration, simplifies follow-up and increases patient safety... Saves time and provides continuity – automates collecting information from the patient, interpreting information and documenting simultaneously.

Ph.D. and medically responsible doctor

Medical Express is easy to use and simplifies the meeting with the patient and the care process with increased patient safety. By receiving important information and suggestions for tests even before the meeting, you as a healthcare professional are more prepared and can focus on what is important.

Working in public primary care

The system was easy to use and enabled me to quickly get help at my healthcare center when I was feeling bad, instead of waiting in the phone queue. The easy access and how I quickly I was taken care of with the support of Medical Express meant that I got the right treatment at the right time.

68 years old, recently used Medical Express

Book a demonstration

We show how Medical Express can be used for history-taking, triage, planned and unplanned visits, built-in interpreting functions, physical as well as remote digital meetings, follow-ups, and collaboration with other healthcare professionals and care units.

The demonstration can take place on site with us or with you, or online. We will show the functionality of the platform and show how it can be used in your organization.

Expect a demonstration to take one hour.

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