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Support for covid-19 in Medical Express

With our customized solution, we can reduce the workload and infection risk of frontline care staff. Watch the video below to find out more about our solution:

Where can our solution be used?

Mobile phone Tablet Computer TV screen

Medical Express is run in a web browser, allowing both patients and healthcare professionals to use the device of their choice. With our solution, healthcare professionals in vulnerable positions can do their job remotely, with increased efficiency.

Illustration showing Health centers
Health centers

Illustration showing Home care services
Home care services

Illustration showing Elderly care
Elderly care

Illustration showing Emergency rooms
Emergency rooms

Illustration showing Telephone triage
Telephone triage

This is how it works

By combining Medical Express functions for distance care with mobile communication stations, healthcare professionals can safely and efficiently receive patients.

The patient answers health-related questions The patient scans a QR code connected to the TV screen The meeting with healthcare professionals starts automatically

Remote consultation reduces the risk of spreading infection, reduces the use of protective equipment and allows healthcare professionals to work from home when they would otherwise not be able to work due to mild symptoms.

Picture showing when healthcare staff talk to patient through Medical Express

The healthcare professionals reads the patient's information and then starts chatting and video calling with the patient.

A picture showing a patient standing in front of a TV-screen, talking to a healthcare staff

The patient can start video calls with his own device or on site via a communication station.

Medical Express is constantly updated to comply with the latest guidelines for covid-19 so that patients receive the highest quality care possible.

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Short wait from symptoms to first assessment

As soon as the patient has answered the questions, healthcare staff get access to the documentation. The staff can thus quickly assess how the patient needs to be prioritized.

Reduced spread of infection before diagnosis

Patients suspected of being infected can get in touch without having to leave the home, which reduces the risk of infection spreading on the way to and at healthcare facilities.

High quality of information regardless of the number of infected

Medical Express collects the patient's history equally well, regardless of how much the care staff have to do, so that quality of care is maintained.

Immediate visual assessment if required

Video can be turned on instantly to assess the patient's condition.

Standardized, time-saving disease tracing

Information about possibly infected patients is obtained in a standardized manner so that infectious disease reports are filled in automatically.

Unique data structure for mapping the disease

The platform's data structure can be used both in real-time and retrospectively to investigate – for example – the number of confirmed infected and the most commonly reported symptoms caused by the illness.

Book a demon­stration

Write to us in the form below to see how Medical Express can contribute to your organization. The demonstration can be done on site or online and usually takes about an hour.

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